Monday, June 26, 2017

Google Domain - The Easy Button!

After scary domain purchases and redirecting nightmares of the past, I have to say, Google made this easy for me. They offered a domain name through a free blog I already had. Fearful geek that I am, I silently debated the horrors that might occur if I pushed the button. Would they immediately start to charge me a hosting fee as well? Would there be 100 extra little fees attached? Would they point my domain name to some place in Outer Mongolia? Does Outer Mongolia still exist? Well, I clicked the button and made the purchase. There wasn't anyplace, right then, to change the number of years of the registration, so I thought, "Aha! That's where they'll get me!" (Shades of Go-Daddy). Once I was registered, I went to settings, found the drop-down for renewals, and, to my surprise, found I could renew for--well as many years as I could afford, for the same price! How 'bout that? Then I verified my email address, as required, and went to my blog. What do you know? They'd already accomplished the redirect. It was instantaneous. My God. No wonder Google is taking over the world...

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