Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hold That Thought

Ummmm, hold that thought.

Okay, the parallel between these two pages (above) should be self-explanatory. But it probably won't be (since my thinking seems to be unique); so...

That first article just tickled my funny bone ~ but it was also unexpected. The author of it did seem to consider the question with some seriousness. The second page (which I'd finished just a couple of seconds before finding the first) was the working scratchpad of my attempt to design a page using Amaya, as well as my attempt to explain the experience of using Amaya to design a page. I found the first while searching for more information about the subject of the second (how to use Amaya).

The very sad thing is that, when I uploaded my page on Amaya, I discovered that I had, indeed, already completed another page using that page editor ~ and only two weeks ago. What does that say about my memory? Well, I knew I'd played with the editor. I just didn't recall making a finished page.

It's nearly 4 a.m., and this won't make sense to anybody but me.

C'est la vie.