Sunday, August 14, 2011

Attaching a Domain Name to a Site

Why did I buy a domain name, when I didn't even have a site plan? I think I know. Leading up the the year 2000, the 'Net world and those who marketed it convinced us that domain names were just plain gonna run out. Here I had the perfect (I thought) domain name, and if I didn't act fast, somebody was gonna grab it right out from under me! So I bought my domain, and what did I get for my money? A blinding white page with a complimentary, ready-made banner, courtesy of Icom, that said, "Under Construction." If configuring an FTP was scary stuff, looking at a $144 "Under Construction" banner and wondering how to point a domain at it was, frankly, terrifying. Now I had to read up on how to make IP no. 999.999.999.999 (or whatever) say "" Yes, you had to make that happen, it didn't do it automatically. Talk about building from the ground up! Who knew? You see, my IP number was assigned by Icom, my page host. My domain name was parked over on another block, at Network Solutions. I was standing in line behind a lot of other HTML dummies, hoping my domain wouldn't be towed. I have no idea whether it would've been as difficult if I'd used the same entity as host and registrar. Too late to look back, and there was no way I would've paid Network Solution's outlandish hosting fees (being now, as I was, expert enough to be bossy). Anyhow...  somehow, I managed to point to my blank page. After the usual depressing delay that comes with all server-fed things (two, three days?), my address finally read, "" I had an URL! And a blank-white page. I was very proud.

The Annals of Southern Muse

Southern Muse registered on Feb. 21, 2000

Now I had my host, but I still needed to register my domain name. I'm a firm believer in getting a thing straight from the horse's mouth, going back to the source. This convoluted reasoning led me to buy my domain name from Network Solutions, "the dot-com people." If nothing else, I figured if N.S. was InterNIC, they must be the authoritative source on InterNIC fees. Nowhere did their terms and conditions mention InterNIC fees (though they were the people who collected them.) Finally there was nothing left to do but take a chance ~ InterNIC fees be damned. Having already chosen my host, Icom, I registered my domain name,, at Network Solutions on February 21, 2000. I had my dot-com!

The annals of Southern Muse