Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Artist's Exchange on

When my old link to The Artist's Exchange didn't work, I began to search for other art forums. The art sites I found, once again, were pretty dismal. But I finally came across "The Artist Exchange" again. At first, I was confused. This new Artist's Exchange was on, not MiningCo. It seemed to be an endless maze of links that led to brief, shallow articles. At first I was puzzled and not too impressed. I was about to give a quick pass. Searches for art kept bringing it up, though, and eventually I discovered a link to a forum on there. It had the same name as the other forum and was similar in a lot of ways. This forum, it turned out, was even better than the old one. I found the same same excellent, in-depth discussions; there were just more of them. This new forum enjoyed steady "traffic," a thing I could fully appreciate, having already surfed around in several interesting but rather "slow" forums. And I had tried my hand at starting the little Bugbones Buzz forum at Inside the Web. The new Art Forum had many layers of art resources, discussions and links. Artists were posting on it regularly, on a varied array of art-related topics. This was what I'd been hunting for so long.

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