Friday, January 16, 2009

I, Frankenstein...

He lives! He lives! Bugbones lives! I, Frankenstein, have created this thing. I had conquered the Yahoo sign-up, the Angelfire sign-up, the Hotmail sign-up, the log-in fury. No longer the newbie! begging the definition of "cookie"... struggling with the concept of "upload." I was an old hand. I could use Web Shell. I could use an on-line FTP. No clip-art from a gallery for me! I uploaded my own GIFs. I had gritted my teeth, tackled HTML, and come out of it alive (though somewhat the worse for wear). By Web Monkey's advice, I had simplified my logo design... mastered Paintbrush, drew my bug, tweaked him with freeware, smoothed him with the elegant money-bought LViewPro... This I did amid crashes that threatened the extinction of stone-age dinosaurs (myself and my ancient PC). I had pored over Webmonkey tutorials, scanned my Dummy book, deciphered the Rosetta stone, cracked the code. And by God, I had my webpage, topped with my fine Bugbones GIF, of the coveted transparent background, not to be achieved with mere Paint. Survived the Webshell Upgrade, adopted the WYSIWYG editor, created my Sizzzlinks page of the weird fonts. Wow! What a journey. Now it was time to add content. I didn't think of it in those terms. In 1999 the eternal "Content" wasn't yet the god of the Internet. I wasn't thinking "Content." I just wanted stuff on my page.

The perils of Bugbones.