Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fat Shirley's Tech-Support Hotline... ?

Yes, humor had definite possibilities for a website. And I was already in humor mode. I was still an e-mail newbie. I was in joke-hog heaven! My mind was racing ahead to all the funny things I could write for Bugbones. And I could enlist my brother's help. He was in a funny band. They did skits, they had gigs. (It's what led to him being a woman in Fat Shirley's: A Trailer-Park Opera. That came later.) In fact he was also itching to do a site. He'd already started a small one. I helped. I helped him with opening an e-mail account and logging in and setting up a site. He helped me with which plug went in which socket, what the heck was a USB port, and did I have one? (I didn't) We were the amateur tech-support in our neck of the woods by now. All of our friends came to us. Professional tech support was available, but expensive. They had two answers to every question we asked: (a) we can plug in this disk and reinstall Windows; and (b) we can sell you this new PC ~ it has more megahertz. We did attempt to branch out and network among friends. To each of our questions, they had this response: 'I don't know nothing. All I know is WordPerfect.'

The Perils of Bugbones...