Thursday, January 8, 2009

Technology was Devouring My Life

So now Bugbones was officially a cartoon site, a fun site. That might do do for graphic art, fun and frivolous illustrations, and humor. Bugbones, as barren as it was, had been a lot of work. I could still imagine great things for it. In fact, the doing of a site was now a goal in itself. Maybe it was even an obsession. This World-Wide-Web thing was aptly named. It was a giant web and I was caught up in it. I was a hapless fly. Technology was devouring my life. Here I am, ten years later, still struggling to keep up with technology. But I am not alone. I am one fly of over 108 million.* So, in 1999, with Bugbones barely off of the drawing board, I began to conceive of my "real" site. An art site. Not fun art. My art. But could a tired, frustrated non-techie aspire to having two sites? She thought she could. Barely a glimmer of an idea, this second site. A glimmer of light. And I was a moth to it...

The Perils of Bugbones.
Annals of Southern Muse begin.

*As of 2007, according to, there were over 108 million websites, sporting more than 19.2 billion pages, on the World Wide Web. And growing. No, I am not alone. Reference: "WWW FAQs: How many websites are there?" URI <>. Accessed 30 December 2008.