Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Changing Page Themes

Before long, I would be plagued with upgraded web shells, bloated templates, faltering dot coms, and vanishing hosts. But enough of that for the moment. Right now, I had my logo and I had a web page to fill. I had taken Webmonkey's advice: Keep it simple. Keep it cartoony. I felt sure that that little monkey knew more than I did. I was hip to it! I was well-read and in-the-know. Not for me, the newbie webmaster's mistake, of fancy, airbrushed graphics. Primary colors, bold outlines! That was the key. But a cartoony logo meant a cartoony site. Somehow, the idea of it didn't fit in with my paintings. I was torn between what I read and what I actually wanted to do. I had to admit, I didn't have the tools to or knowledge to do a fancy art site. So, here I was, rethinking Bugbones. My site would have to have jokes and chatty newsletters. Why not? Everyone else on the Web had them! My limitations as a non-techie were already changing the theme and future content of my website.

Oh, the perils of Bugbones!