Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Golden Apples

Before I could get very far into my Bugbones logo design, something new happened. Someone asked to see my art. I had discovered The Artist's Exchange art forum on MiningCo. The guide of the art forum was Philip. Philip was probably my first cyber contact, outside of e-mail. We were discussing some technical point about drawing. Philip said, it might help if he could see what I was talking about. "Scan a couple of your paintings and let me see them," he said. Aha! A task! A challenge to be done in pursuit of the holy grail. "Bring back a golden apple."

"Scan me a painting." I'm not sure I knew what a scanner was. But I promised Philip I would try.

The Perils of Bugbones.

Sketching the Bugbones Logo

My planned artwork was more in the nature of a page header than a logo (like the toppers of todays' blogs). It was highly decorative and painterly. Right away I found that my rough drawing didn't have the spontaneity of my thumbnails. It occurred to me that I might compromise by scanning the thumbnail and dropping in the color. Once again, the lack of a scanner became a stumbling block, but regardless of which process I used to complete the header, I would have to have a scanner. If I chose to paint the Bugbones header instead of scanning the thumbnail, I would still have to scan the final result to get it on-line. The painted logo would be quicker, and maybe by the time I finished it, I would have enough money to buy a scanner.

The Perils of Bugbones.