Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dot-Com Aspirations

Yes, I already had aspirations of making my website a... ta-da! Drum-roll please... DOT-COM! Wasn't that what everyone wanted? We were in a thing that didn't have a name back then. We were in the Dot-Com Bubble. Bugbones was a strange but original-sounding site name, chosen on the fly, a convenient way to avoid, at Angelfire, the same frustration that finding a username at Yahoo had been. Here I had chosen my site name in an accidental, offhand manner, only to realize that the name would affect my site content. (I didn't think of it in quite that way. 'Content' was a word that would become thoroughly familiar and important to me in the coming years, when SEO would briefly rule the cyber world. These concepts did not yet figure into my knowledge about websites.) Changing user names wasn't an option, I thought. Angelfire's terms forbid signing up for a second account, and I've always striven to obey the terms and conditions of the hosts I've used. I wasn't too concerned about the fact that my Bugbones site would have my art on it. The site would not be one-hundred percent about my art. It would have humor, cartoons, graphic art and illustration. My site wasn't going to be a resume, it was going to be a newletter with art. Though I did agonize over whether to buy a dot-com and change the name, I knew I couldn't yet afford it. A dot-com was for the future, and Bugbones didn't have to be my be-all, end-all. If Bugbones didn't work out, I could abandon it. If it was successful, just imagine... I could have two dot-coms! What lofty aspirations...

Oh, the perils of Bugbones!