Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Perils of Bugbones: My first contact with the Information Superhighway

My first attempt at a web page was Bugbones. Bugbones was my little free site, hosted by Angelfire. Some kid had told me about Angelfire. Probably my button-pushing niece. (How we once rued those button-pushing, videotape-erasing fingers! That kid had to be a byblow of Watergate.) I didn't even have a computer then, but I was determined. If a web page was free, by gum, I was gonna get one. I headed for the public library. No, not the one in my small town. The one in the next town over, the one that's bigger than ours. They had a computer reserved for public-access Internet. Yes, one. An Internet cafe, with one cup of coffee. For a town of 50,000. Information superhighway, here we come! Vrr-r-r-o-o-oom!

Oh, the perils of Bugbones!