Sunday, August 12, 2012

Distractions, Diversions, and the State of Being Sidetracked

Somewhere along the line, I got side-tracked from my original purpose of starting this blog. Well, I had dual purposes, but one of them really was to create and maintain a history of my adventures in computing. It was to be a personal history of the Internet, from an amateur user's perspective; not technical, not particularly useful to the world at large. Just a place for me to puzzle and vent and ferret out the whats, whys, and whens of my own entry into web publishing and my experiences and challenges in learning about the Internet. In a way, it's the only real 'blog' among my blogs, as it is intended to be a web 'log.' I made a pretty good effort, there at the beginning, to backtrack and figure out exactly when I got my first email address, when I created my first free site, when I bought my domain name, and when I started Southern Muse. It wasn't all that easy, but it was doable. Following the paper and ion trail was kinda fun, really. It did get complicated. I'd write a post and then recall, 'now wait a minute ~ before I did this, I must have done that.' And 'that' would turn out to be a doozie of a side track, a veritable book to be written. Procrastination is my byword, so... at some point, I just started writing history on the fly, keeping a log of what's going on now. That doesn't mean I'm not going back to finish what I started. I still have to tell about the forum. I still have to tell about the big betrayal ~ the day that dumped our forum. That was the whole point. It's therapy.

Southern Muse: the Prospect of Moving a Site

Now it might seem, in my posting about Marissa Mayer and Yahoo, that I had some driving interest in keeping up with the CEOs of Silicon Valley. Although I sometimes recognize their names when I hear them, I couldn't tell you which is which, usually. I have to do a quick look-up to make sure that Steve Jobs and Apple are practically synonymous and that there was another Steve, too (Wozniak). Bill Gates/Microsoft ~ that one, I can remember (though often with distaste). Don't get me wrong ~ it's interesting. I just don't keep up. My only reason for searching Mayer was the most selfish motive of all: Will Yahoo, as we know it, continue to exist? Will they keep Y! webhosting alive, or will it go the way of GeoCities? Will I have to move Southern Muse? See, I told you it was selfish. Now, I probably don't have three faithful readers at Southern Muse. Even my old friends and family sometimes say, "Oh, you have a website?!" (This after ten-plus years). Well, maybe I exaggerate. Most of my family are familiar with my site. But I try not to SPAM people about it. Sure, I have a few readers ~ or, at least a handful of people who hit the surface and bounce off like a flat rock skipping across a pond. So, why I insist upon keeping the site, and worry about maybe having to move it ~ go figure. I've invested some years and some dollars in creating it and maintaining it. In for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. It's the hobby (or vice) that took over my life, to the detriment of all other hobbies and passions. Ever a challenge, it still needs work. But, for what it's worth, I am proud of it, and I do want to keep it. With luck and prayer, I can keep it at Yahoo. I'd sure hate to have to move it. The idea of it makes me shudder...