Monday, July 30, 2012

Making Favicon Display in Blogger

I did it! I made the big, orange "B" go away. I made my Favicon display in Blogger. I'm not sure who to thank for this, because in clearing my cache and history, I ~ well, cleared my cache and history. The irritating thing is, I kept having to look this thing up over and over ~ there seemed to be a step to the "fix" that I couldn't remember. I had my Favicon showing in three different blogs, on my main website, and on a couple of less important sub-sites. Still, every time I opened a new Blogger blog, there came the orange "B," and it wouldn't go away. Nearly every site said, "Use Blogger-in-Draft Favicon tool!" Well, I did that, obviously. That's an easy one to catch. I also tried some of the more tech-y ones ~ going into my template and adding a line of code here, there ~ wherever the tech said to put it. Adding the favicon was the easy part. Getting it to display when I visited my site ~ THAT was the impossible thing. Here's the combo that worked for me: I cleared my cache, cookies, history, browsing history ~ everything Firefox allowed except for "site preferences." Then (without visiting blogger and letting that infuriating orange "B" back on my screen) I manually added my blog URL to my Firefox Bookmarks toolbar. I clicked on the bookmark, went to my site, and voila! "B"-less it was! Now my nice little fossil-fish Favicon is displayed nicely as a bookmark and on the browser tab. Now, I don't know if it'll go away should I delete the bookmark. I don't think so, because I have a couple of un-bookmarked blogs that display the Favicon quite nicely. There you go, and many thanks to the blogger ~ whoever she was ~ who told me to "favorite" my blog in I.E. (haven't tried it in I.E., but whatever I did worked in Firefox).

Yahoo Curves and FTP Woes

Yahoo just threw us a curve. Seems they are moving to FTPS. All current hosting accounts must buy, beg, or borrow a third-party tool for uploading files. They pointed us at Filezilla and others. I took a look at Filezilla. Shudder, shudder... another tech nightmare. I'll probably go with CuteFTP again. You know... "the devil you know," &c. It'll have to be CuteFTP Pro, because "Lite" and "Home" don't seem to offer FTPS. I did have a foolish, cheap-skate moment when I considered dragging out my old disk to see if I could save a penny by loading my old 2.x version and then upgrading. Actually, I did drag out my old disk, circa 1999. It sure was funny to see that old, old Yahoo email page. I was registered under a now-defunct email address, through a now-defunct company. Wasn't using Southern Muse's email yet because ~ well, duh! I didn't have it yet. That was Muse's starting point. That's why I bought the FTP. Turns out, the disk didn't include the actual program, just a registration number. On the other hand, Globalscape did have links on their site for downloading old versions ~ which was uptown of them, I think. I mused upon the idea of downloading 2.x and then upgrading ~ but decided that some cheap is too cheap. It might open me up for no telling what security risk. I did some research on forums. The gist of the advice (what I could understand of it) was that CuteFTP would probably only upgrade to about x? versions ago, then would go no further. I'd end up having to buy the new version anyhow. So, Yahoo, I'll have to lay out some cash. Ya-a-a-HOO! Ummm, I guess it'll be more secure. But why give us so little time to transition?