Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Searching for MiningCo

I had added the requisite smiley-face sites to Bugbones, but I wanted more. I wanted art sites, good-quality humor sites, education... Yahoo Search just wasn't delivering. Right about then, by an odd coincidence, I stumbled upon Miningco. Miningco was my first real evidence that the Internet might contain access to the great art, intelligent conversation, and educational material that I suspected was out there. (I mean, it was the Information Superhighway, right? not limited to smiley faces.) MiningCo had been around since 1996, but it was about '98 or '99 when I discovered it. At first, I just got a brief glimpse of the name by accident. An ad went whizzing by when I clicked an e-mail in Yahoo. The name intriqued me... whatever it was. Mining Info, Mining Dot-Com, MineCompf? And the banner was not cyan or magenta. Certainly that looked original and promising. I had spied the ad mid-click, but it vanished before I could get a good look. I tried backing up, tried clicking through ad after ad. It was gone. Try as I might, I couldn't recall that odd dot-com name. I searched mine, mining, mining info... (Wanna buy a carbide lamp? I know where you can get one.) I liked-to-never found MiningCo in search. I really had to dig for it. Come to think of it, it is ironic that I was trying to find a search engine through search.

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