Saturday, January 17, 2009

Accessories... Gimme, gimme, gimme!

It was kind of hard to add content to an art site without a scanner. I still didn't have one ~ didn't think I could afford one. It's hard to justify every fancy electronic gadget that comes out on the market. Through that "free" dinosaur of mine, I learned the real snare of computer ownership. Accessories. Computers and accessories are like bread and butter, Satan and sinners, women and new shoes. The computer gobbled my spare change like a duck gobbles a june bug. I didn't have a computer, I had my own Little Shop of Horrors. A mechanized monster, with an incessant appetite for RAMs and chips. Growling, "Feed me!" And my wallet was straight out of a comic strip... open it up, and out floats a decrepit moth. Talk about Bugbones. I was broke. So in the absense of scanners and fancy photo-editing programs, I did what every low-rent webmaster was doing in 1999. I turned to search engines. I was gonna find me some links.

The perils of Bugbones.