Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bugbones, Computer Envy, and Columbo.

What a chore the Bugbones logo was to create! A task that would have been a breeze using colored ink and brush was torture using that MOUSE. My hand nearly froze into a permanent claw. In fact, I made the rare (for me) accessory purchase afterwards, my first in a succession of attempts to find the perfect MOUSE. Where was the intuitive pencil-MOUSE? Where was the Star Trek inspired, user-friendly wizard of a machine that would suck in my drawing, let me punch in a couple of plain-talk commands, find the contours, smooth them, and auto-morph those crude Paintbrushy pixels into the cute little Bugbones that I could see on my paper and envision on my 8-inch screen? Would this ever, ever be the future of technology? For all I knew, it was the current state of technology. Just not here in the big woods. Meanwhile, I'm punching a keyboard that looks like something off of an old Columbo show.
"What is this machine?"
"That's a computer, lieutenant."
"Where do you put the ribbon?"
(Confessions of a fearful geek).